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Planning Matters ARCHIVE

Planning applications are one of the biggest causes of worry for local residents.  We have produced a Planning Guide to advise residents affected by a planning application (see panel, right).

Elmbridge Borough Council provide excellent online access to planning application information:  follow this link to Elmbridge Planning Services, then click on 'Search for planning application'

When a planning application is causing concern, residents should express their concerns in writing to the relevant planning authorities.  PP&DRA is also prepared to write to the town planners, and to discuss issues with the relevant officers and our local councillors.  You can view some example letters by clicking on the links below.

Planning Applications & Issues - letters to the planners

39 Thames Street - 2007/2556 and 2007/2579
Two proposals for the Crest House 39 Thames Street site have been submitted to Elmbridge as planning applications. 2007/2556 is for 55 flats & underground car park. 2007/2579 is for 14 homes. 
Read more and view PP&DRA letter to planners

20&20A Church Street Weybridge
This is a prominent site next to the entrance to Weybridge Hospital (GP surgeries). There have been many applications to develop the land to the rear, some (e.g. 2006/1813) proposing access over land the developers do not own. Read our letter in response
Two applications have been granted permission
2007/0367 Detached two and a half/three storey building comprising retail use on ground floor and four residential flats above following demolition of existing building (Outline application).
2007/1797 Outline planning permission for a two storey rear extension containing offices (class B1) following demolition of existing.

Balfour Road and Devonshire Road Weybridge
Planning application Number 2006/1047 for two detached two storey buildings with rooms in roofspace each comprising 6 flats and a detached part three storey/part two storey building with rooms in roofspace incorporating a dental practice on the first floor and 2 flats in the roofspace all with associated parking, amenity space and means of access from Devonshire road following demolition of existing buildings at 4 Balfour Road and Las Lilas, Devonshire Road.  Read our letter in response

Surrey Minerals Plan:  Hamm Court Farm
Surrey County Council have included Hamm Court Farm in their Preferred Option Consultation as one of eighteen preferred areas for future sand and gravel quarries.  Local residents consider this site to be wholly inappropriate for sand and gravel extraction, for very good reasons.  Read our letter in response

39 Thames Street - Permission refused - 26 June 2006 
Planning application Number 2006/0945 for one row of four terraced two storey houses, three pairs of two storey semi detached houses (two with rooms in roofspace), two detached two storey houses and one linked detached house (comprising thirteen dwellings in total) four with attached garages, one triple, one double and one single carpark with associated access road and parking following demolition of existing buildings. 
View PP&DRA letter to planners

Broadwater Farm - Permission refused - 28 Feb 2006
Planning application Number 2005/2533 for a temporary access road  across farmland to give additional access to building site, Broadwater Farm, Walton Lane, Weybridge. 
View PP&DRA letter to planners

39 Thames Street - Permission refused - 20 Dec 2005
Planning application Number 2005/2341 for 1 row of 6 terraced two storey houses, 2 pairs of two storey semi detached houses, 4 detached two storey houses, all with rooms in roofspace (comprising 14 dwellings in total) five with attached garages, four double and one single carports and 1 three storey office building with associated access road and parking following demolition of existing buildings. 
View PP&DRA letter to planners

Bulldogs Island (The Bull Dogs) - Permission granted - 21 Feb 2005
Planning application Number 2003/1510 for proposed development on Bulldogs Island, Jessamy Road, Weybridge. 
View PP&DRA letter to planners

Stretton Lodge - Permission granted (for much improved design)

Planning applications Number 2003/135 and 2003/2217 for the demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment of the Stretton Lodge site, 80 Portmore Park Road, Weybridge, KT13 8HL.  The application was subject to a public enquiry.
View PP&DRA letter to planners

Greenlands Farm - Withdrawn (notified 15 Oct 2003)
Planning application Number 2003/1716 for proposed development of the Greenlands Farm and Broadwater Farm sites at Walton Lane, Weybridge. 
View PP&DRA letter to planners

We encourage any resident who feels strongly about an application to write individually.  The address is in the right hand panel.  If more than ten letters are received, the planners may give residents an opportunity to speak at the meeting considering the application.

Other Planning Matters

Future plans for Walton Bridge and Walton Lane road junction
Plans for a new Walton bridge and junction have been through a process of planning consent and public inquiry.
See links in the left panel.



Worried about a new development?

The PP&DRA  Planning Guide gives advice for residents who are affected by any planning application. It costs 2.50 for members of the Association. 

If you would like a copy of the Planning Guide, or wish to express concerns about a local planning application, please let us know.

Home Extensions Guidance

Elmbridge Borough Council has produced a guide for people wishing to extend their home.  
View the Home Extensions guide... 

Residential Design Guidance

Elmbridge Borough Council has produced an excellent resource giving guidance on suitable developments in the borough.

View the Residential Design Guidance online...  

Who to write to

Send your letters on local planning matters to:  

Head of Town Planning
Elmbridge Borough Council
Civic Centre
High Street
Surrey KT10 9SD

Or email your letter of  representation to tplan@elmbridge.gov.uk





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