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Portmore Pillars - Designed by William Talman circa 1700 for the first Earl of Portmore


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Headlines about events that affect our locality. 

New planning applications

Radnor Road - Rowlett's factory - Planning application 2008/2627 Registered Nov 2008. New plans to demolish the 110 year old brick terrace and replace with 9 dwellings and parking.  UPDATE JAN 09: APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

PP&DRA AGM well attended

Our 2008 AGM on 3 June was attended by around 100 local residents. The major focus was on plans for residents' parking, and associated needs and issues.

Chairmanship of PP&DRA

Miles Macleod has stepped down from the role of Chair of PP&DRA after nearly five years, and Michael Freeman was voted chairman by the committee at our February 2008 meeting. Miles Macleod has been nominated as Liberal Democrat candidate for the Weybridge North ward of Elmbridge Borough Council, and wished to avoid any potential conflict of interest, since PP&DRA is explicitly not aligned to any political party. Read his letter to the PP&DRA Committee.  Miles extends his thanks to all who have supported PP&DRA over recent years. He anticipates a flourishing future for the association under Michael Freeman's chairmanship.

39 Thames Street

Developers have submitted appeals against the rejection of planning applications for the Crest House 39 Thames Street site: 2007/2556 for 55 flats & underground car park, 2007/2579 for 14 homes. Read more and view PP&DRA letter to planners...

Walton Bridge plans

The Walton Bridge plans presented to the public in a three day exhibition at the Heart shopping centre, Walton-on-Thames have now been granted planning permission by Surrey County Council.  PP&DRA is pleased to say the plans are an improvement in every respect on the plans rejected by the public inquiry.  Read more about the plans...

Annual General Meeting

Our 2007 AGM took place on Wednesday 22 May 2007, and was well attended by local residents.  Main topics were the new Walton Bridge plans (well received) and relations with St George's College Junior School (traffic issues still problematic), plus the photo competition. 

Desborough Island spring clean

There was a fine turnout of residents and community groups at the Desborough Island spring clean on 12 May 2007.  A large amount of litter was cleared. All in all, it was  splendid initiative well coordinated by Elmbridge Borough Council.  We look forward to this becoming an annual event.

Walton Bridge

Nov 2006: It's NO to the Walton Bridge Scheme and cloverleaf junction.
Following the Public Inquiry inspector's recommendations, the Secretary of State for Transport has decided to not confirm the Surrey County Council (New Thames Bridge, Walton) Scheme 2004, and associated side road orders and compulsory purchase orders.
The inspector states "Cowey Sale seems to me to be a very special place." "SCC's proposals would entirely remodel the area." He gives extensive reasons in his report as to why this should not happen in the way SCC proposes, around the negative impact of the proposed junction layout on Cowey Sale, and the inadequate attention to non-motorised users. He concludes that "the impacts inherent with the twin-link junction design ... would be of substantial detriment to the amenity of Cowey Sale".
He says "the signalised single-link junction [the alternative design proposed by Elmbridge] has clear advantage over the preferred SCC design at Cowey Sale".
He concludes that "SCC has failed to demonstrate that its scheme for a two-link junction at Cowey Sale is the best solution overall" [and] "it would not be in the public interest for the side roads order to be confirmed", "the compulsory purchase order is not in the public interest" and "the scheme order should not be confirmed".
We are delighted at this decision to save Cowey Sale and its irreplaceable riverside land. We look forward to new plans for a more acceptable replacement bridge, with a less damaging single link road junction.
-  Download the Secretary of State's decision letter (Big file 2.2 MB)
-  Download the inspector's report (0.5 MB)

Planning Applications

39 Thames Street - 2006/0945 - Permission refused
On 26 June 2006, Elmbridge West Area Planning sub-committee unanimously voted to refuse the application for 13 new dwellings at Crest House 39 Thames Street (2006/0945). There were 28 letters of objection to 2006/0945, and the planning officer recommended refusal of the application. PP&DRA gave a three minute address. The developers may now put forward some proposals for a new small-unit office development.

PP&DRA has also written to the town planners about other planning applications which are cause for concern:
Broadwater farm - 2005/2533 - Permission refused
39 Thames Street - 2005/2341 - Permission refused

Annual General Meeting

Our 2006 AGM on Wednesday 24 May 2006 in the Church Hall, Portmore Way attracted a good attendance of local residents.  Report to follow

Walton Bridge

The Public Inquiry into Surrey County Council's plans for the new Walton Bridge and junction at Cowey Sale resumed on 24 January 2005 for two further sessions, closing on 2 March 2006
Read our closing address
The Public Inquiry's first session started on 8 November 2005, and it soon became clear that SCC had not allowed sufficient time to hear all the objections. The first session was adjourned on 18 November.
PP&DRA gave evidence and cross examined SCC witnesses.
Read a letter from the DfT

Read our letter to the Secretary of State
Read letters from Philip Hammond MP and Surrey County Council

Community solidarity over planning

Around 100 Weybridge residents attended the Elmbridge planning committee meeting on 10 January 2005 which was considering the latest application to replace Arden, Wey Road.  The application was refused.  At an appeal hearing on 24 May 2005 the refusal was upheld.
Planning permission was granted on 7 November 2005 for a modified design, with a smaller footprint.

Neighbourhood Watch

Jim Corrall is chairing meetings of Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators. Anyone interested in becoming a coordinator is also welcome to contact Jim.

Walton Bridge

Surrey County Council granted itself planning permission on 12 May 2004 to proceed with its controversial in-house tied arch design for the new Walton Bridge, with a new clover leaf junction at Cowey Sale, in the face of widespread opposition. Read more...

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM took place on Thursday 11 March 2004 in the Church Hall, Portmore Way. About 40 residents attended, and we were pleased to welcome three Borough Councillors. There was some lively discussion, including strong opposition to the Walton Bridge plans and support for controlling traffic flow, and interest in Conservation Area status. Read more...

CABE verdict on bridge

The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment has made public comments stating that it does not support the SCC planning application for the new Walton Bridge, and considers that the site demands a higher quality of design. Read more...

Walton Bridge planning application submitted

9 January 2004 -- Surrey County Council has submitted controversial plans for the new Walton Bridge, viaduct and junction. The planners acknowledge that these would result in the landscape being "dramatically and irreversibly changed"Read more...

Walton Bridge junction 'madness': impact on Portmore Park

Residents are deeply concerned by Surrey County Council's plans for the new Walton Bridge. The current plans look like having a serious impact on Portmore Park and district.  Urgent action is needed to ensure that the planners fully appreciate the implications of their proposals for the local community.  Read more...

Weybridge Police and Community Partnership Group

PP&DRA was represented by Miles Macleod and Frank Johnston at the 25 September 2003 meeting of Weybridge Police and Community Partnership Group.  Read more...

St George's College Junior School

We are pleased to welcome Mr Antony Hudson to his new post as Head of St George's College Junior School.  PP&DRA was represented by Miles Macleod and Godfrey Turner at a meeting between the school and local residents, on 17 September 2003.  We were greatly encouraged by the positive attitude towards reducing disruption to local residents, and look forward to building an increasingly constructive relationship with the school.  Read more...

Planning Applications

We have written to the town planners about the following planning applications which are cause for concern:

Bulldogs Island -  Permission granted
Greenlands Farm - New application
Stretton Lodge - Two Applications Refused, appealed


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