Portmore Park & District Residents Association - ARCHIVE [2002-09]

A voluntary association of Weybridge residents

Portmore Pillars

Aims of PP&DRA

We are a voluntary association of local residents.  We care about our locality --  
its heritage, quality of life and community.

Local Heritage

Help safeguard the long term character of our locality
Our part of Weybridge is graced with attractive homes, tree-lined roads, and the Wey and Thames riversides. We want to hand it on unspoilt to future generations.

Quality of Life

Keep day-to-day life safe and pleasant for residents 
We help give a voice for local views on issues including traffic calming, parking, planning applications, street cleanliness, local amenities and services, and anything else that affects residents.


Support neighbourliness
Participating in PP&DRA is a way to get to know other people in the area, and help build the sense of local community. 


Welcome to the PPDRA ARCHIVE - history from a local website...

..for residents of the Portmore Park & District area of Weybridge, Surrey, UK. 

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Portmore Park & District Residents Association (founded circa 1965) was formed to help give residents more of a voice on local issues. Membership is open to residents of the roads around Portmore Park Road, Thames Street and Walton Lane -- the area between Weybridge High Street and the rivers Wey and Thames.  


This archive site gives access to past PPDRA information about local issues, plans and activities -- things that may affect our local community.


See the left hand menu for access to archive content grouped under headings, or follow embedded links on archive pages.




March 2009 CPZ March Update Newsletter electronic copy
Residents' consultation on Controlled Parking Zone proposals, closing date 30 March 2009
- Surrey County Council Weybridge CPZ Consultation Document
January 2009
CPZ January Update Newsletter electronic copy

In our December 2008 Newsletter electronic copy you can read about:
- Surrey County Council's time-table for consultations on residents' parking (including who is involved, and will a scheme be in place by November 2009?)
- current planning applications
- the launch of the PP&DRA On-Line Discussion Forum.

Radnor Road - Rowlett's factory. 

New plans to demolish the 110 year old brick terrace are causing renewed concern to local residents. Planning application 2008/2627 proposes demolition of all existing buildings on the old factory site, to be replaced by a 2 1/2 story building containing nine flats. There have been 78 objections.  Read about the plans and objections on the Weybanks website  
Our 2008 AGM on 3 June was attended by around 100 local residents. The major focus was on plans for residents' parking, and associated needs and issues. 
39 Thames Street - Developers appealed successfully against the rejection of plans for 14 dwellings on the Crest House site. Read more about the plans and objections... 
See also our letters in response to the appeals
Response to the 55 flats appeal - Response to the 14 houses appeal
Miles Macleod has stepped down from the role of Chair of PP&DRA after nearly five years, and Michael Freeman was voted chairman by the committee at our February 2008 meeting. Miles Macleod has been nominated as Liberal Democrat candidate for the Weybridge North ward of Elmbridge Borough Council, and wished to avoid any potential conflict of interest. Read his letter to the PP&DRA Committee.  Miles extends his thanks to all who have supported PP&DRA over recent years, and anticipates a flourishing future for the association under Michael Freeman's chairmanship.
The new plans for Walton Bridge were granted planning permission by Surrey County Council on 23 January 2008. PP&DRA is pleased to say the plans are an improvement in every respect on the cloverleaf junction and giant thrust arch bridge scheme which was rejected by the public inquiry. 
Weybridge residents at our 2007 AGM supported these new plans, which provide a single link junction, conserve more riverside land for amenity use, and offer a smaller arch bridge.  Read more about the plans...
Two proposals for the Crest House 39 Thames Street site were rejected by Elmbridge planners, following over 70 letters of objection.  Read more about these plans...
Annual General Meeting: Our 2007 AGM took place on 22 May, and attracted a good turnout of residents and representatives of local  groups.  Report to follow.  We are delighted to welcome two new members of our committee
Walton Bridge background:  Nov 2006 - Secretary of State says NO to the cloverleaf junction.
Following the Public Inquiry, the Secretary of State decided to not confirm the Surrey County Council (New Thames Bridge, Walton) Scheme 2004, and associated side road orders and compulsory purchase orders.
  -  Read more on our
news page
  -  Download the Secretary of State's
decision letter (Big file 2.2 MB)
  -  Download the
inspector's report (0.5 MB)
Gravel extraction: Surrey County Council included Hamm Court Farm in a Preferred Option Consultation as one of 18 preferred areas for future sand and gravel quarries. For very good reasons, local residents consider this site to be wholly inappropriate for sand and gravel extraction.  Read our response. We hope and believe that SCC may now be reconsidering in the light of new evidence.
Planning: Elmbridge West Area Planning sub-committee unanimously voted to refuse planning permission for 13 new dwellings at Crest House 39 Thames Street (2006/0945). There were 28 letters of objection, including one from PP&DRA. The planning officer recommended refusal.  PP&DRA gave a three minute address.
The Walton Bridge Public Inquiry final sessions took place on 28 February - 2 March 2006.  The inspector's recommendations are anticipated autumn 2006.
The PP&DRA Closing Address was presented on 28 February. Read our closing address

Read the PP&DRA evidence
Read the letter from the Department for Transport
Read our letter to the Secretary of State

Read letters from Philip Hammond MP and Surrey County Council

Inspired by a motorway bridge?

What are your views?

If you are concerned by any issue affecting local residents, please let us know. 

Current concerns include:

Do these or any other local issues affect you?  
You can email us at

We welcome new members.  You can join PP&DRA very simply, and keep in touch more with local activities.  And if you would like to participate more actively, please let us know. 

Roads covered by PP&DRA: Portmore Park Rd, Beales Lane, Cedar Rd, Church Walk, Clinton Close, The Crescent, Darnley Pk, Devonshire Rd, Dorchester Rd, Dorney Grove, Elmgrove Rd, Gascoigne Rd, Glencoe Rd, Holstein Ave, Jessamy Rd, Minorca Rd, Montrose Walk, Mount Pleasant, Oakdale Rd, Portmore Close, Radnor Rd, Round Oak Rd, St Albans Ave, Thames St, Walton Lane, Wey Rd, Whittets Ait, The Willows.