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A voluntary association of Weybridge residents

Portmore Pillars - Designed by William Talman circa 1700 for the first Earl of Portmore



This page gives information on various regular PPDRA activities.

Liaison with St George's College Junior School

We participate in regular meetings between St George's College Junior School and local residents' groups.  

Meetings over the past two years have been highly constructive.  We are encouraged by the positive attitude to the local community shown by the Head, Antony Hudson, and the Bursar, Phillip Fletcher.  Naturally we look for positive and constructive actions as well as good intentions.

Agendas typically include:

  • Traffic and parking issues (parents and staff)
  • Security of school premises
  • Implications of local planning applications

Wherever possible we ensure that meetings focus on specific actionable suggestions.  These have included arrangements for reducing local traffic inconvenience at school drop-off and pick-up times, and on working together on the issue of vandalism.

We look forward to building an increasingly constructive relationship with the school, and seeing results in terms of reduced inconvenience for local residents.

If you have any particular comments on the local impact of school activities, please let us know.

Community Meetings and AGMs

PPDRA hosts and particpates in community meetings on topical issues (such as parking, flooding, Desborough Island, litter clearing) in addition to the Association's Annual General Meeting. 

Weybridge Police and Community Partnership Group

PPDRA participation in the Weybridge Police and Community Partnership Group, which has now been replaced by 'panels'. 


What should local police be doing?

What are your views on priorities for our local community police officers?

Current priories are:

  • Reducing antisocial behaviour locally

  • Reassurance for the local community

Do you have views on priorities?  If so, please send us your views



Call to action

If any PP&DRA activities are particularly close to your heart, why not take a more active role? We would welcome increased participation from interested local residents.

Please feel free to contact us.



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